Botox and Plastic Surgery – Beauty is Skin Deep

Botox & plastic surgery are accepted as normal for retaining beauty. Even 18-year olds are advised to take Botox but are the dangers fully researched.

Whilst everybody hopes to grow old gracefully, it is amazing how much effort is taken now to erase the appearance of ageing, not to mention, of course, the expense. Thirty years ago, many women, and indeed men, would make regular hair colouring their only concession to the onset of middle age.

Image Consciousness Leads to Early Botox and Plastic Surgery

Today’s image conscious generation make many more concessions to ageing. The prevalence of Botox and arrival of cheaper plastic surgery have prompted many to consider cosmetic surgery as the only viable way of growing old gracefully. Certainly, the perfection of our Hollywood inspired plastic society requires as much attention to appearance as possible, to achieve an outward semblance of beauty for as long as possible.

Indeed, girls as young as 18 have either been recommended Botox or even been treated with Botox to minimize the effect of alleged ageing on their youthful faces.

Botox Parties and Botox Lunchbreaks

In the 1950s, groups of women would meet in each other’s homes for Tupperware parties, in the 1990s it was Ann Summers parties and then the new millennium saw the arrival of the Botox party. For many, the home is a less threatening and more relaxing environment in which to consider the benefits of this type of treatment. Although UK legislation was enacted to curtail the administration of Botox by unqualified practitioners such as nurses or professional and reliable salons, the parties do still exist.

However, as the procedure only takes five minutes or so It is easy to understand how regular Botox injections have become a part of life for the city worker who can pop out for a Botox treatment over lunch and return to the office with none the wiser.

Worryingly, animal studies in 2008 also suggested that the administration of Botox can lead to Botox travelling into the brain.

Cosmetic Surgery Tourism

As the price of cosmetic surgery overseas is often less than half that for surgery in the UK, it is unsurprising that many opt for plastic surgery overseas. Dubbed cosmetic surgery tourists, it is estimated that around 25,000 people from the UK visit surgeries abroad for cheaper plastic surgery annually. Indeed, a recent survey suggested that 97% of people considering plastic surgery would be willing to go abroad for it.

The annual conference of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) held on 18 September 2009 in Wales highlighted the fact that many cosmetic surgery tourists are returning to the UK with associated problems that the NHS are unwilling or unable to rectify. BAAPS warned of the dangers that can arise due to cosmetic surgery holidays overseas.

The BAAPS conference highlighted many horror stories of operations gone wrong, which could cause “horrific medical complications”, and detailed the case of one woman who died after having a facelift abroad.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

There are many well publicised instances of celebrity plastic surgery which has gone wrong, with the former celebrity television actress, Leslie Ash, epitomising what the tabloids term the “trout pout” which can often be a result of Botox.

Of course, for celebrities who wish to remain in the public eye for as long as they are able, the option of Botox and plastic surgery is really a necessity and there are many instances of successful interventions.

Consider before opting for Botox or Plastic Surgery

American estimates are that one in four plastic surgery interventions goes wrong in some way, from infections and bruising caused by the operation which can lead to serious side effects, to the desired surgical objective not being met and unfortunately, in some cases, to fatalities caused by plastic surgery.

Certainly, whilst Botox or plastic surgery are viable methods for delaying the appearance of the onset of ageing, it is wise to consider every alternative and research what is available before committing to what could prove an expensive beauty treatment in more ways than one.

Traditional Wood Burning Stoves- Old fashioned or Making a Comeback Over Electric Stoves?

Wood or multi fuel burning stoves have recently arrived on the home heating scene and have been hailed as the new modern and environmentally friendly way of keeping a house warm and cosy, although electric stoves are very popular still. There is no doubt these stoves can be a very attractive addition to a living area in a home. People are drawn to having a warm flickering fire to gather around, and one of the most popular of these stoves is the wood burning variety.

By installing a wood burning stove in their homes, many people believe they are taking a step into the future, when in fact they are taking a step back into the past. Our ancestors were burning wood thousands of years ago, well before the discovery of coal, gas and oil, first in primitive fires then later in fire places and finally wood burning stoves.

I remember a wood burning stove in my father’s picture frame making shop. It stood in the centre of the work shop, with a metal flue rising straight up into the ceiling. However, this stove was far from the friendly, glowing fire that sits in the homes of many people, but a squat circular tube that was fed by way of a small door close to the floor. I am sure that wood was not the only material used to feed the flames.
This was not a stove anyone would want in their living room or kitchen.

Why are people turning to Wood burning Stoves?
The reason many people have turned to wood as a fuel, is mainly concern of supply and the cost of the more traditional fuels. In the last severe winter here in the United Kingdom, many of those who depended on oil for their home heating found supplies disrupted and prices rising alarmingly. Others, who depend on gas and electricity, have been worried about the constant upward pressure on prices, although these seems to have been reversed lately, but for how long remains to be seen.

There is the belief that wood, as a fuel, is cheap and plentiful. This may be true for those living in rural areas where there is plenty of wood to be found lying on the ground, but people living in urban areas are not finding fuel as easy to come by, and is, in some cases far from cheap. Those who have access to plenty of wood are discovering they need an area to store and dry it to make it suitable for burning in their stoves.
Urban dwellers with wood burning stoves are finding buying wood dried and prepared for burning, expensive.

People love the warm glow of a fire.
However, despite these setbacks people are still turning to wood and multi fuel burning stoves, as opposed to the more traditional methods of home heating. The lure of a cosy warm glow coming from the modern stylish and attractive stove is becoming hard to resist.

So, when people settle quietly and warmly in front of their fire, many are unaware they are warming themselves in the same way our ancestors did many years ago.

Wood burning stoves may appear to be the latest and chic way of heating our home, but the truth is, burning wood to keep us warm and protected from the cold, is as old as the hills.

Permanent Fake Eyelashes – Look Fabulous Day & Night

If you are considering permanent fake eyelashes look no further than Designer Lashes– Enjoy the expert experience and great results. With the growing popularity of this latest beauty treatment, you probably know quite a lot already – Seems that everyone’s having them! Why is that? Primarily because they look fantastic day and night, as well as eliminate the need for eye makeup. However, there is a lot more advantages to them than that. Here’s some of the best!

Look Younger

Eyelashes do have a cycle. They grow, rest then begin to shed allowing for regrowth. As we age most women notice their eyelashes are not quite as thick and lustre as they used to be. This is because over time some of the follicles stop producing new lashes. There are several factors that will dictate regrowth. Genetics (the same as baldness in men can be hereditary) and certain medications and medical conditions can have quite a drastic effect. With permanent fake eyelashes those thick, long lashes of your youth can be restored – Effortlessly!

Increased Confidence

When you know your eyes look great you will feel confident when it comes to that all important eye contact!  A talented and experienced eyelash artist can even bring out the colour of your eyes making them appear more alert, brighter and fresher. This can be an incredible boost to confidence.

Save Time

False eyelashes have been around for a while. But they are not the easiest to handle for everyone. Messing around with false eyelashes, eyeliner, mascara and curlers every day adds precious time to your morning routine. Permanent fake eyelashes cut out all the drama. Many women do not even feel the necessity to wear any eye makeup at all!

Choose Your Look

Permanent Fake eyelashes come in all shapes and sizes – Different lengths, thickness and curl. Most older women opt for a softer natural look which is achieved with mink lash extensions. Cruelty free mink extensions are available as well as synthetic mink. Younger women who want a more dramatic look can opt for the Russian 3D and 6D lashes. Whichever you choose the lashes are attached to your existing lashes individually and, like your natural eyelashes, they do shed. Dramatic or soft mink, generally you will need a top up around once a month. If you are having them done as a “one off” for a special occasion they can last up to two months before the entire affect is gone.

The salon is based in London, I found out about it from my favourite nail artist, and they can provide any look you want – From soft and gentle to full-on sexy and sassy! They are highly experienced and can help you decide on the perfect look for you. There is no pain involved. In fact, you can relax and unwind while getting your new look and it’s guaranteed that you will feel like a million dollars when you leave! Why not treat yourself and let their master team of technicians bring your eyes (literally) back to life? You will be amazed how much it will boost your confidence as well as you look!




The Leather Chesterfield Sofa and Retro Furniture

Today’s consumers are moving on from the build it yourself, flat pack furniture that has been popular since the 1970s. Nowadays people want something with a little more style and elegance, and they are leaning towards vintage and retro furniture, and even antiques. Retro furniture usually refers to pieces from the 60s and sometimes 70s; the most popular area for this to be incorporated now is in a kitchen or dining area. The 60s dinette and Formica surfaces are making a comeback in these areas; along with the rounded shapes of the kitchen appliances.

As there is debate nowadays around how old pieces have to be before they become antique: some say 100 years old and some say only 50; this latter would make furniture from the 60s already antique. However, products from this era are generally referred to as retro, or at best vintage. Most people think of much older furniture when they imagine antiques, like Louis XV chairs or Chesterfield sofas and leather beds.

The Chesterfield sofa has been around since the 18th century, when it was commissioned by the Earl of Chesterfield as a sturdy piece of furniture for gentlemen to sit on comfortably, while remaining in an upright position becoming to their status. The leather Chesterfield sofa is very popular today and although still built in the same sturdy design; can be surprisingly comfortable. It is also produced at much more affordable prices now, whereas in the past only the very wealthy could afford to own one. The leather Chesterfield sofa has become synonymous with psychiatrists and psychoanalysts since it was first used by Freud, although it is now also used as a family sofa in many homes.

You will find vintage and retro furniture surprisingly affordable at stores online; in fact you can buy a used piece of handcrafted furniture for the same price or less than the plastic and chipboard “creations” that are produced today. People are going to great lengths to create unusual and unique atmospheres in their homes; with maybe a living room filled with antique furniture and a beautiful leather chesterfield sofa, plus a Persian rug, leading through to a kitchen and diner dressed in retro 60s style. Upstairs you might find one bedroom in elegant vintage style with a four poster bed, and the next bedroom fitted with white furniture in sleek modern lines; with maybe a third bedroom in a completely different style or theme. Even bathrooms nowadays are heading back to older designs; with claw foot tubs and old-style taps giving a much homelier feel to the bathroom than the cold angular designs and surfaces of recent years.

Every style of modern, antique, vintage and retro furniture can be found for sale online; offering a much easier way to browse different styles until you find your perfect piece. Save yourself hours of trudging from store to store and sit down comfortably, and let your computer take you back through bygone eras to furniture produced back then, but available to you now at surprisingly affordable prices.

Bedroom Furniture – Are Leather Beds a Good Choice?

There is a wide range of leather beds for purchase on the market. Like many other items made of leather, a leather bed is seen as being elegant and sophisticated. Leather beds are available in different sizes ranging from singles to super king-size. Because leather can be dyed in any color, you will find that beds are available to match any existing decor in your bedroom. It is however, a good idea to consider bedroom furniture that is a neutral color such as beige or black, as this will match any wallpaper or paint color that you decide to use in the future. Because the bed is usually the focal point of a bedroom, you will need to consider the style of your bed carefully. Leather beds come in several different styles such as Ottoman beds, contemporary beds and sleigh beds.

Leather sleigh beds

A leather sleigh bed has a scrolled shaped head and footboard, that gives the bed an appearance somewhat similar to a sleigh. This is a popular style that comes from the French Empire period of the 1800s. A variation to a sleigh bed is one that has a curved headboard, but the foot end is lower; this allows taller people to stretch out over the end of the bed, which is not possible with a regular sleigh bed.

Ottoman beds

A leather Ottoman bed provides you with extra storage as well as making your room appear elegant. Ottoman beds have a simple mechanism which enables you to raise the entire base of the bed up giving you access to the storage room beneath the mattress, which is ideal to store bedding or clothes that are out of season.

Types of leather

Once you have decided you’re going to purchase a leather bed, you will need to decide if you want genuine leather or artificial faux leather. Artificial leather is more liable to crack and may deteriorate with time, but it is far more economical than real leather, which is very durable and also more comfortable and flexible.

Although less durable, faux leather beds are attractive and a contemporary piece of furniture that will enhance the look of any bedroom. Very often you will find faux leather beds in black or white, as this type of furniture has appeal for the younger market, who enjoy a minimalistic bedroom design. Whether you decide on real leather or faux leather, you will find that both options are extremely comfortable, and you can be sure that any visitors to your house will comment on your choice of bed.

Father’s Day Breakfast

We had a really nice Father’s Day this year. Second year in a row K was home and not deployed or at training!!! The kids made him breakfast…..regular and blueberry pancakes and fresh orange pineapple juice. We love love love our juicer. It was expensive but we knew we wanted a twin gear one, and well those are more.

We also had a BBQ that day and had a couple of our friends over to sleep. We hadn’t known they were coming until two days before, and I panicked because we didn’t have a guest bed, but K found this great shop that has a range of small double mattresses at a great price, and they delivered it the very next day…how’s that for service! I didn’t even get out the camera once….wish I did since we are leaving soon…..but we were busy having a great time. We are having another one this weekend as a goodbye party so I’ll make sure to get lots of pics then since all our AK friends will be there.

I already posted a long post yesterday so I’ll keep this short and leave you with some pics from breakfast.

Did you miss me?

Ok, I have been a bad blogger. But was I ever a ‘good’ blogger? I think that is debatable, lol. I have good intentions to blog but end up doing 100 other things online instead of writing. But I hope to change that.

We have had a lot going on, including a vacation on a yacht, so it’s a perfect time to start back and document it all. We have been waiting for 6 months to find out when we are moving. Hubs interviewed for a job back in December and was offered it that day. Then it was just waiting. Lots of red tape and getting permissions to leave here early and take that position. Finally we found out Thursday that we were leaving…and soon. Friday he got orders and he and R will drive out of here on the 1st. E and I will have to be here for the packers/movers to come. They will be here the 1st-3rd at least and if they don’t get done on the 3rd they will come and load up the 5th. Then we will fly out either the 6th or 7th.

We are super sad to leave Alaska. We really really like it here. The area is great, school system is one the best in the nation, we have a great church and great friends. But we are happy to be going back to North Carolina and be closer to our families. Plus we already have great friends there too.

We’ve been working on getting the house ready for the packers. Just trying to go through and get rid of stuff we know we don’t want/need anymore and get all the stuff in it’s proper room. Not that the packers won’t mix up room a little but the more I can help them out the better.

I remember the first time we pcs’d (army move for those non military folks) I couldn’t even be at the house when the packers were there. It stressed me out to think they were touching my stuff and packing it all up. But after that it doesn’t bother me at all. Just stinks having to sit around the house while people do all the work. Well, now that I type that out….that doesn’t seem so bad, lol.

We looked at school in NC before but put it off because there was no reason to look if we weren’t moving soon and researching schools was sad. Like I said AK has one of the best systems in the country and where we are going in NC….well, not so much. We did find a couple schools in each county near the post we will be at. Emailed our good friend and realtor and she is pulling houses for us. I’d love to have a good list of places to look at before we get there.

Well anyways, I think I’ve made this ‘back to blogging’ post long enough. Don’t want to overwhelm you all. 😉

If you could live anywhere in the world……where would you live?

Emma and her new friend, Ubooly!

I was really excited when I was contacted to review an Ubooly. Emma loves playing games on my phone and I knew she’d love to bring Ubooly to life using my phone and the little stuffed animal. And I was right!

We got it and she wanted to play right away. We logged in to the Ubooly lab and downloaded some games that she choose. She choose lessons on seasons and space so far. She loves the interaction she gets with Ubooly and when he says her name. Nothing is better than learning while they are having fun playing. It’s so fun to see how excited she gets. You can also customize it to like the same things as your child. Emma is surprised when Ubooly like ‘pink’ or ‘pizza’. 🙂

When they complete lessons they earn coins that allow them to buy extras for their Ubooly, like glasses.

Every chance she gets she wants to put my phone in and make her new little friend come to life. I’m thinking maybe a used iPod might be a solution to this otherwise I’ll never get my phone back.

And also she calls her ‘oogally bear’ for some reason. I corrected her for a while, but now that’s what we all call it. 🙂

And what’s even better? Ubooly wants to give one of my awesome readers their very own Ubooly AND a $30 credit to the Ubooly lab!

My Three Bittles

Hey ya’ll! I know I’ve been absent lately but I plan on getting back at it here soon. I want to document my ‘get healthy’ progress, our last month(s) in Alaska and our move!!! See more about that here.

But until then I bring you one my my fave bloggers (and I call her friend too). She’s asking for an itty bitty little favor so please help her out!


Once upon a time there was a fair maiden. She wasn’t the fairest in the land but her husband thought she was pretty awesome.

Okay…. I have no idea what I’m talking about, it sounded good though. Anyway, Hi guys!! I’m Amber and I blog over at My Three Bittles and I’m here today because I need some help. This month I was lucky enough to be part of an online styling contest through Here’s how I styled these adorable sandals.

Cute, huh?! I thought so. So anyway, I’m here to basically ask you to go vote for me. (I’m the first one) and help me win! The winner gets some money to spend on the site and I plan to buy my ittle bittles some school shoes for the fall. But I can’t do it without a bit of help.

Head here to spare a vote for me. It literally takes 2 seconds. You don’t have to like anything or sign up for anything. You CAN put your email address in to win a pair for yourself though!

Thank you for your time and help! I truly can not express how much I appreciate it!