Permanent Fake Eyelashes – Look Fabulous Day & Night

If you are considering permanent fake eyelashes look no further than Designer Lashes– Enjoy the expert experience and great results. With the growing popularity of this latest beauty treatment, you probably know quite a lot already – Seems that everyone’s having them! Why is that? Primarily because they look fantastic day and night, as well as eliminate the need for eye makeup. However, there is a lot more advantages to them than that. Here’s some of the best!

Look Younger

Eyelashes do have a cycle. They grow, rest then begin to shed allowing for regrowth. As we age most women notice their eyelashes are not quite as thick and lustre as they used to be. This is because over time some of the follicles stop producing new lashes. There are several factors that will dictate regrowth. Genetics (the same as baldness in men can be hereditary) and certain medications and medical conditions can have quite a drastic effect. With permanent fake eyelashes those thick, long lashes of your youth can be restored – Effortlessly!

Increased Confidence

When you know your eyes look great you will feel confident when it comes to that all important eye contact!  A talented and experienced eyelash artist can even bring out the colour of your eyes making them appear more alert, brighter and fresher. This can be an incredible boost to confidence.

Save Time

False eyelashes have been around for a while. But they are not the easiest to handle for everyone. Messing around with false eyelashes, eyeliner, mascara and curlers every day adds precious time to your morning routine. Permanent fake eyelashes cut out all the drama. Many women do not even feel the necessity to wear any eye makeup at all!

Choose Your Look

Permanent Fake eyelashes come in all shapes and sizes – Different lengths, thickness and curl. Most older women opt for a softer natural look which is achieved with mink lash extensions. Cruelty free mink extensions are available as well as synthetic mink. Younger women who want a more dramatic look can opt for the Russian 3D and 6D lashes. Whichever you choose the lashes are attached to your existing lashes individually and, like your natural eyelashes, they do shed. Dramatic or soft mink, generally you will need a top up around once a month. If you are having them done as a “one off” for a special occasion they can last up to two months before the entire affect is gone.

The salon is based in London, I found out about it from my favourite nail artist, and they can provide any look you want – From soft and gentle to full-on sexy and sassy! They are highly experienced and can help you decide on the perfect look for you. There is no pain involved. In fact, you can relax and unwind while getting your new look and it’s guaranteed that you will feel like a million dollars when you leave! Why not treat yourself and let their master team of technicians bring your eyes (literally) back to life? You will be amazed how much it will boost your confidence as well as you look!