Traditional Wood Burning Stoves- Old fashioned or Making a Comeback Over Electric Stoves?

Wood or multi fuel burning stoves have recently arrived on the home heating scene and have been hailed as the new modern and environmentally friendly way of keeping a house warm and cosy, although electric stoves are very popular still. There is no doubt these stoves can be a very attractive addition to a living area in a home. People are drawn to having a warm flickering fire to gather around, and one of the most popular of these stoves is the wood burning variety.

By installing a wood burning stove in their homes, many people believe they are taking a step into the future, when in fact they are taking a step back into the past. Our ancestors were burning wood thousands of years ago, well before the discovery of coal, gas and oil, first in primitive fires then later in fire places and finally wood burning stoves.

I remember a wood burning stove in my father’s picture frame making shop. It stood in the centre of the work shop, with a metal flue rising straight up into the ceiling. However, this stove was far from the friendly, glowing fire that sits in the homes of many people, but a squat circular tube that was fed by way of a small door close to the floor. I am sure that wood was not the only material used to feed the flames.
This was not a stove anyone would want in their living room or kitchen.

Why are people turning to Wood burning Stoves?
The reason many people have turned to wood as a fuel, is mainly concern of supply and the cost of the more traditional fuels. In the last severe winter here in the United Kingdom, many of those who depended on oil for their home heating found supplies disrupted and prices rising alarmingly. Others, who depend on gas and electricity, have been worried about the constant upward pressure on prices, although these seems to have been reversed lately, but for how long remains to be seen.

There is the belief that wood, as a fuel, is cheap and plentiful. This may be true for those living in rural areas where there is plenty of wood to be found lying on the ground, but people living in urban areas are not finding fuel as easy to come by, and is, in some cases far from cheap. Those who have access to plenty of wood are discovering they need an area to store and dry it to make it suitable for burning in their stoves.
Urban dwellers with wood burning stoves are finding buying wood dried and prepared for burning, expensive.

People love the warm glow of a fire.
However, despite these setbacks people are still turning to wood and multi fuel burning stoves, as opposed to the more traditional methods of home heating. The lure of a cosy warm glow coming from the modern stylish and attractive stove is becoming hard to resist.

So, when people settle quietly and warmly in front of their fire, many are unaware they are warming themselves in the same way our ancestors did many years ago.

Wood burning stoves may appear to be the latest and chic way of heating our home, but the truth is, burning wood to keep us warm and protected from the cold, is as old as the hills.

The Leather Chesterfield Sofa and Retro Furniture

Today’s consumers are moving on from the build it yourself, flat pack furniture that has been popular since the 1970s. Nowadays people want something with a little more style and elegance, and they are leaning towards vintage and retro furniture, and even antiques. Retro furniture usually refers to pieces from the 60s and sometimes 70s; the most popular area for this to be incorporated now is in a kitchen or dining area. The 60s dinette and Formica surfaces are making a comeback in these areas; along with the rounded shapes of the kitchen appliances.

As there is debate nowadays around how old pieces have to be before they become antique: some say 100 years old and some say only 50; this latter would make furniture from the 60s already antique. However, products from this era are generally referred to as retro, or at best vintage. Most people think of much older furniture when they imagine antiques, like Louis XV chairs or Chesterfield sofas and leather beds.

The Chesterfield sofa has been around since the 18th century, when it was commissioned by the Earl of Chesterfield as a sturdy piece of furniture for gentlemen to sit on comfortably, while remaining in an upright position becoming to their status. The leather Chesterfield sofa is very popular today and although still built in the same sturdy design; can be surprisingly comfortable. It is also produced at much more affordable prices now, whereas in the past only the very wealthy could afford to own one. The leather Chesterfield sofa has become synonymous with psychiatrists and psychoanalysts since it was first used by Freud, although it is now also used as a family sofa in many homes.

You will find vintage and retro furniture surprisingly affordable at stores online; in fact you can buy a used piece of handcrafted furniture for the same price or less than the plastic and chipboard “creations” that are produced today. People are going to great lengths to create unusual and unique atmospheres in their homes; with maybe a living room filled with antique furniture and a beautiful leather chesterfield sofa, plus a Persian rug, leading through to a kitchen and diner dressed in retro 60s style. Upstairs you might find one bedroom in elegant vintage style with a four poster bed, and the next bedroom fitted with white furniture in sleek modern lines; with maybe a third bedroom in a completely different style or theme. Even bathrooms nowadays are heading back to older designs; with claw foot tubs and old-style taps giving a much homelier feel to the bathroom than the cold angular designs and surfaces of recent years.

Every style of modern, antique, vintage and retro furniture can be found for sale online; offering a much easier way to browse different styles until you find your perfect piece. Save yourself hours of trudging from store to store and sit down comfortably, and let your computer take you back through bygone eras to furniture produced back then, but available to you now at surprisingly affordable prices.